Return & Reimbursement Agent

One Stop Nerds uses proprietary tools to automate the process of Return and Reimbursement. If a customer decides to return your item Amazon gives a refund to sellers when the item is returned back to Amazon’s warehouse. A customer has 45 days to return the item, but sometimes customer does not return and in turn Amazon does not reimburse the seller. It is the seller’s duty to find these discrepancies and report it to Amazon themselves. One Stop Nerds automates the Return & Reimbursement process for our clients.

Another instance is damaged products in Amazon’s warehouse where sellers are notified & reimbursed and other times they are not. Return rates on Amazon for sellers are approximately 10% to 15% of your total revenue on Amazon. This could cost sellers up to ten to thousand of dollars on Amazon.

One Stop Nerds is committed to managing your Returns and Reimbursements in a timely manner so you can focus on Business Development and Branding.

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