Zoho CRM

The Zoho CRM platform is an efficient and unified customer experience application. It is a reliable Omni Channel solution that allows for companies to reach out and engage with their customers no matter where they are. The Zoho CRM platform comes with useful analytics and integration which gives companies the ability to keep track of every customer interaction on one single interface. Zoho CRM simplifies customer management by allowing companies to automate processes that connect their sales and management teams. A better customer experience begins with aligning all your teams and processes on one application while making sure that the customers are the focal point. Zoho CRM is a truly unified customer experience platform that can be integrated with every single aspect of your business making sure you can engage with your customers across multiple stages during the life cycle.



The Zoho CRM platform allows for the integration of multiple channels which can be customized to fit your business needs. Businesses can automate their customer management processes through connecting their sales and management teams. Zoho CRM gives business the ability to streamline notifications through multiple channels and respond to customers in real time. These multiple channels include email, which you can prioritize based on your sales pipeline, Live Chat, telephone, and social media. Create distinct portals for your customers, vendors, and partners while also generating and managing leads. Customize your Zoho CRM to create industry-specific views while integrating your sales with other popular applications like G-Suite, Office 365.


Analytics and Reporting

Not only is the Zoho CRM platform a great way to manage customer relations it is also the perfect analytical tool for your business. From lead analytics to deal insights, activity stats, and email analytics, monitor every aspect of your sales cycle. Create customized dashboards with sales analytical widgets such as charts, KPIs, and funnels. With all these powerful analytical tools the Zoho CRM platform allows users to make real data-driven decisions. Whether it is marketing campaigns, email blasts, lead insights, Zoho CRM will have the correct data whenever customer and sales related decisions need to be made.  The Zoho CRM simplifies analytics for businesses providing real sales charts while also monitoring growth of your business allowing users to stay on top of their sales pipeline.

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