Amazon FBA/Prime Inventory Management

Fulfillment by Amazon is a management service where Amazon stores sellers inventory in their warehouses all around the U.S. and and fulfills them from their own warehouse. One Stop Nerds will help you set up your FBA account, pack, ship your most popular inventory to Amazon’s warehouses so you pay less fees to Amazon.

We manage your entire inventory management solution for FBA within any country U.S., Canada or U.K. The services includes the following:

  • Initial FBA account set up and inventory inspection services
  • Barcode preparation based on product listings One Stop Nerds creates (Parent and Child SKUs) grouped together
  • Stock all barcode items and label them as per Amazon’s requirements
  • Pack, ship the boxes in Amazon’s warehouses
  • Management of entire end-to-end inventory management FBA solution


Using our expertise, can help your business properly rank on Amazon through optimization of keywords and product templates. One Stop Nerds will effectively create Parent and Child SKUs for all your products, carefully selecting title tags along with proper variations, further promoting your products against Amazon’s ranking algorithm. Our knowledge and experience on the Amazon marketplace will translate to our clients, allowing us to successfully create high ranking Amazon listings through programs like early reviewer rewards. One Stop Nerds will ensure proper Amazon inventory management along with the guarantee that your business will successfully rank and compete against competitors on the Amazon marketplace.