Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign

If you are new to Amazon it is essential to improve your visibility on Amazon. One Stop Nerds will help you create optimized campaigns with targeted keywords to reach potential buyers resulting in high click-thru rate and conversions.

Weekly reports and audits are done by One Stop nerds to ensure effective campaign strategies to lower your Average cost of Sale. All campaigns will be created based on product listings, content creation and demographics of your market.

Amazon Sponsored Products are an essential component of any successful Amazon selling campaign. One Stop Nerds’s online marketing service focuses heavily on the management of Sponsored Products advertising campaigns which is Amazon’s PPC (pay per click) program. Sponsored Products advertising campaigns are an advertising feature available to Amazon sellers which helps promote products listed on Amazon marketplaces and works by displaying product listing images linked to pre-defined keyword search terms being used by shoppers on the website. While creating sponsored products campaigns, specific products can be selected for advertising through creating targeted campaigns using optimized keywords. The sellers will then pay Amazon on a cost-per-click basis.

One Stop Nerds’s Amazon PPC management team creates highly effective campaigns to lower your ACOS(referred to by Amazon as ACoS – Average Cost of Sale) and ultimately, increasing your profits. We begin by broad-based campaigns to capture as much data as possible before refining the campaigns so that high performing keywords are matched with the best performing products which deliver the lowest cost per click per transaction.

One Stop nerds take into account each and every perspective to increase your ROI on Amazon through sponsored campaigns and how it could help create your brand online.

Our comprehensive services include

  • Keyword optimization & placement
  • Integration of campaigns and products
  • Management and maintenance of the campaigns
  • Adjust bid price per keyword
  • Reporting

In a highly competitive industry you can’t afford to make any mistakes. One Stop Nerds is team of highly experienced marketers will set up campaigns that will drive more traffic and increase your sales.

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