Shamrock Catering Group

Revamping and upgrading the Shamrock website, with focus on online order system and thereby enhancing the user experience.


Shamrock Catering Group, a catering company based out of Hong Kong, was struggling with the web development process as their website was facing online order challenges that led to dead links and overall negative user experiences. Shamrock Catering Group desperately needed to upgrade their website in order to provide their customers with a more professional experience. Before partnering with One Stop Nerds Shamrock Catering Group was handling all their web development inhouse and third party freelancers.

Once Shamrock Catering Group partnered with One Stop Nerds, One Stop Nerds took over the web development process for Shamrock. This meant revamping and upgrading the Shamrock website while focusing on enhancing the user experience which included development of the online order system. One Stop Nerds was able to properly update the website cleaning up any backend errors as well as fixing up any new errors.

With their website running smoothly and efficiently thanks to the efforts of One Stop Nerds, Shamrock Catering Group was able to provide their customers with a truly user-friendly experience. One Stop Nerds continually provides web development support to Shamrock Catering Group, allowing for Shamrock’s website to stay up to date.