One Stop Nerds is an authorized partner with Zoho, a leading CRM applications company. One Stop Nerds can help capture a 360-degree view of your business operations, keeping track of everything from sales and revenue to production and inventory.

What can we do?

We can help with your production, operations, project workflows, and manage your inventory and accounting all on one single interface.

Zoho has more than 45 applications all integrated on their cloud system. Here’s an example of how our expertise can be of service to you:

For example, Sarah runs an ecommerce business called the ABC company which works with her vendors and customers. She needs everything in one place so she and her team can manage customers and vendors all in one cohesive place.

All sales orders, purchase orders, and finances are maintained and tracked through the Zoho application simplifying all business operations.

The ABC company also has a warehouse where all the inventory is maintained. With more than a thousand SKUs it is difficult for any business to keep track of their items and orders manually. ABC company can maintain stock levels for all major marketplaces as well as automate the stock-taking process through the Zoho application. The ABC company can also set up alerts for their inventory helping them prepare for the busy season. The ABC company can receive detailed inventory reports at anytime helping her keep track of all her products on every major marketplace.

On the other hand, the ABC Company also has a data on what SKUs are doing well on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. These insights allow for the ABC company to manage inventory and sales on a SKU level. All this integration helps the ABC company focus on other aspects of their business, like marketing or product development. Whether its lead management, inventory management, or sales and revenue reporting, Zoho has all your business needs covered on one single application, making it easy for you to properly keep track of how your business is doing.

One Stop Nerds will manage and integrate your business with the Zoho application to help you keep track of all your sales, revenue, inventory, and accounting. With One Stop Nerds customizing each aspect of your CRM solutions to fit your business needs, you can focus on building your brand without any hassle.

Benefits of having One Stop Nerds Solutions

  1. Access to sales reports, inventory management, and books in one place
  2. Bring inter-departmental coordination to manage teams smoothly and efficiently
  3. Make data-driven decisions with all sales and revenue reports at your fingertips